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On the Passing of Governor Mario Cuomo

On the Passing of Governor Mario Cuomo


I was very moved, along with many people I’m sure, to note that within hours of Andrew Cuomo’s inauguration into the second term of his governorship, his father passed away. I was struck by the grace of the elder Governor Cuomo’s exit, on New Year’s Day, having spent part of New Year’s Eve going over his son’s inauguration speech and telling him it was a good one. His departure, like everything he did, was made with his signature elegance.

I always liked Mario Cuomo, ever since I watched him give his now famous speech at Madison Square Garden, countering Ronald Reagan, during the 1984 Democratic Convention. I thought he was very impressive. His speech was full of strong statements that I liked. There was talk of him running for president, and it’s hard not to wonder at what things might have been like if he had won. In addition to his intelligence and decency, I always found his face to be a very fine one to look at, and I confess that I’m partial to his face over his son’s, if only because he was such a positive presence in the first decades of my life in New York, as a three term governor with strong principles and convictions. I liked him very much, and I’m glad to have been aware of him all these many years.

Blessings to his wife Matilda and their children.

Rest in Peace Governor Mario Cuomo June 15, 1932 – January 1, 2015

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